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Health Group is a complete healthcare practice management and IT solutions provider based in Houston, Texas. We specialize in "Healthcare Practice Management", which covers Scheduling Patients, Eligibility Verification, Reminder Calls, Credentialing, Medical Claims Processing/Billing, Medical Transcription, Electronic referrals, EHR Meaningful Use Data Entry, overall Practice Management Solution as well as Back Office Management Service, which provides excessive help to front desk in terms of taking patients’ calls for scheduling and for any other reason, helping front desk with the patients’ eligibility and a number of other day-to-day tasks performed at a medical practice. Health Group dedicated staff members are always available to clients in helping with Accounting & Payroll, Answering Service, Medical Staffing Services, Data Management, Pre-Authorization Services, Medical Billing, Coding & Transcriptions.

Health Group Electronic Health Record (EHR)
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Health Group Electronic Health Record (EHR) is a systematic collection of electronic health information services designed for individual patient as well as populations. Our digital information system is capable of being shared across different health care setups. Health Group EHR service include a wide range of data, including Patient Demographics, Medical History, Medication, Lab Test results & History, Radiology reports and Personal Statistics such as Personal Information and Billing Information. Our EHR Main Features
• Patient Encounter
• E-Documentation & Image Management
• E-Prescribing
• Laboratory results & orders
• Integrated Fax and Unified Messaging
• Privacy & Security
• Quality Assurance and Reporting

Health Group Practice Mang. System (PMS)
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Health Group Practice Management System (PMS) is state-of-the-art solution which covers all of your day-to-day operations of your medical practice. PMS handle, control, and maintain all processes of your work flow.Health Group PMS brings you,
• Quality
• Productivity
• Excellence
We bring you an ultimate solution with extensive benefits to increase your,
• Service Capacity
• Productivity
• Claim Acceptance
• Integrity and Security
• Robust Payments
• SOPs and SLA’s Compliance
• Patient Satisfaction

Health Group Remittance Advice
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Health Group remittance advice describes payments that are being made. Any payer or company making the payment, you will receive your remittance advice as a receipt of the payment. Health Group remittance advice is usually helps you in processing either a purchase or a filed claim.



Health Group Presents Below Services For Valuable Clients.

Medical Billing & Transcription Services

Health Group, LLC is a complete Healthcare Practice Management and IT Solutions provider based in Houston, Texas. Our billing services are designed to optimize revenue and help health care providers increase cash flow and lower receivables by streamlining the payment process while reducing the costs of Medical Billing. Our Practice Management System and EHR integrated with state of the ART Medical Billing system.
Medical Billing Services include:
• Billing Accounts Receivable Management
• Demographics and Charge Capture Integration
• Electronic Claims Processing
• Patient and Insurance Payment Postings
• Insurance and Third Party Payers
• Payer Reimbursement Tracking
• Extensive claims follow ups
• Procedure and Diagnosis Coding Consulting
• Patient Statements
• Compliance with Federal and State Regulations (i.e. Medicare, Medicaid and Worker's Compensation)
• Free Practice Financial Analysis
• Refund Management
• Denial Management
• Standard and Customized Reports
Medical Transcription Services include:
• Secure HIPAA Medical Transcription Service
• 24-hour Medical Transcription Turnaround as standard
• Flexible dictation using a digital recorder
• Low Cost Medical Transcription 65 Character Line Rate
• 100% Transcription Quality Checking
• Over 7 Years of Medical Transcription Experience
• Transcribing for individual Doctors, Group Practices, Clinics and Facilities/Hospitals
• Accurate   Affordable documentation; completed by an accountable team of professionals
• Expertise in all types of reports
• Experienced Transcriptionists of almost all specialties

Back Office Support Services

Prior Authorization:
Health Group offers one of the unique services for the health care professionals, facilities and Hospitals. For Radiology procedures there is a requirement of prior-Authorization from their insurances. It is usually a responsibility of the ordering physician to obtain Prior-Authorization. On the other hand if Facility performs the Radiology procedure without verifying that the necessary authorization has been obtained, they may result in non-payment and bear a practice lost.
Shared Staffing & Benefits:
Merging of your health care units and consolidation of teams including physicians and nursing staff to increase service capacity and benefit from restructuring process. Health Group brings you the opportunity to assess your facility’s physical space and staffing to ensure high quality care.
Office Management:
Health Group MSO Office management administrative team handle, control, and maintain all processes of work inside your office ranging from big to small, which is necessary to achieve your organization’s administrative goal.
Medical Practice Management:
Our Medical practice management deals with the day-to-day operations of your medical practice . Our highly skilled team with help of Health Group PMS software captures patient:
• Patient Demographics
• Schedule Appointment
• Keep Insurance Payer lists (details)
• Claims and statements (Billing)
• Generate Reports
• EHR Management

Contract Negotiation

Health Group provides the negotiation of contracts services to its customers with HMOs and PPOs. The contracts we negotiates on behalf of our clients usually involve a few level of financial risk sharing between the health plan and the IPA/PHO.
The negotiation of health plan contracts involves assessment of various risk models to determine which would be most beneficial for our specific client. Doing so involves analyzing historical data for IPA/PHO physicians, as well as making projections of future performance.
• Withhold levels on PCPs, specialists and hospitals
• Funding levels for the specialty, hospital and pharmacy funds
• Limits on financial risk i.e. Upside and downside
• Physicians Fee schedule
• Hospital compensation
• Restrictions on use of IPA/PHO physicians in health plan marketing
• Amendments
• Liability insurance
• Termination

Medical Malpractice Discount

As a broker representing our clients, we look to find any and every possible savings for our physician and surgeon clients purchasing medical malpractice insurance. One often overlooked savings opportunity for medical malpractice insurance coverage is discounts available as a member of certain medical societies.

Application Development

We provide cross platform solutions with cutting edge technology that helps in making your life smoother Your needs can not always fit into current
We accommodate the customer needs by using our •Skills
•Effective methodology
Efficient solution and cost effectiveness makes our consulting and custom development a sensible choice to meet growing, dynamic needs of your business and workflows.

IT Services

We also cater IT Services including:
• Software Development
Our Passion is to convert ideas into reality.
• Web Development
Our team of experts develop SEO friendly websites that facilitates the clients to engage a large number of audience through the internet.
• Mobile Development
From games to business apps, we translate your business needs to desired end product.
We understand technology and can draw a path where your business remains at top.

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